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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is software that organizations use to manage the day to day business activities such as Accounting, Procurement, Project Management, Risk Management, and Compliance, and Supply Chain Operations

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Extremely easy to use

Extremely easy to use ERP Solution, covers a broad spectrum of businesses, from the smallest mom and pop store to a 5000 staff manufacturing concern.

Cloud based too

Access your business data from any location at any time in a secure environment. Data backed up four times daily. We guarantee 99.9% system uptime.

All in One

This is much more than book-keeping or accounting, this is complete business management. Accounting + HR + Admin + CRM in one easy to use package.

Round the clock support

Supported by a team of experienced Finance, IT, and Business professionals, always ready to provide support, always eager to proffer advice.

Easy To Use Portals

Portals that are user-friendly and help you get what you need with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Simple Pricing

One Annual price gives you all the modules and features. The Multi-Company module is free, with no restriction on the number of customers, vendors, employees.

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Contact MdERP today to view the best ERP System in Nigeria via online demo. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is an effective software solution that streamlines your business processes while tracking and analyzing data so that you can make informed business decisions. 


ERP software is great for Startups, organizations, and Enterprises alike. ERP companies in Nigeria usually focus on a specific area of your business, which is why companies have one  ERP Software for accounting and a different ERP system for Human resources. Our MDERP is a multi-module software that houses all the various, department-specific software under one roof.


Welcome to MdErp: ERP Software in Nigeria


MdErp is proud to offer premium ERP solutions in Nigeria. We have assisted many businesses in improving their business processes through our cutting-edge software. We are considered one of the best ERP companies in Nigeria. Our knowledgeable team can advise what solutions are most appropriate for your business model and ensure that you get the most out of our ERP solutions.


ERP software is not as widespread in Nigeria as it is in other parts of the world. So leverage international technology in your business while staying miles ahead of the competition.


What Can an ERP Software Do For your Business?


Many people think of ERP software as solely an ERP Accounting software, which serves a purpose of its own, but a comprehensive ERP software combines accounting, admin, HR, inventory management and CRM software in one integrated, cloud-based software which is user friendly. 


The easy-to-use modules are cloud-based, which means that they can be used anytime from any location, making them perfect for remote teams. Our ERP software is very secure, ensuring that only authorized personnel can gain access. 


There are many ways in which an ERP software can benefit your business. The cohesion and efficiency offered by the software will undoubtedly save time, help with meeting deadlines, improve your business processes and help achieve your business goals. The analytics will help you make informed and data-driven business decisions that benefit your company.


Your ERP Software Can Drive Your Business


When it comes to carving out your path as a company, there are few tools as useful or revolutionary as a well-developed ERP system. Not only are you able to activate daily business functions with greater ease, but you will gain perspective and overall sight of your business. From acute detail gleaned from data functionality to major changes and directionality of your business, it is all supported through the right ERP software. You can make day-to-day decisions knowing you have all the appropriate information in hand in real-time. You will be able to advise, plan, and strategize using the inputs that your ERP system reports back to you. You can take on more projects, gain more turnover and profits, and ultimately be a more successful business simply by leveraging the tools that ERP software provides.


Choose MdErp for a Comprehensive ERP Solution in Nigeria


Why Choose MdErp when implementing an ERP solution in Nigeria? Our ERP experts will ensure that the software implementation is done efficiently and everyone using the software understands it perfectly.


24/7 Support – Enjoy round-the-clock support and advice from industry professionals when making use of our premium ERP software in Nigeria. Issues will be fixed immediately, causing as little disruption to the running of your business as possible.


Simple Pricing Solutions – When it comes to our packages, we want to ensure that you are getting value for your money and that there is an option to fit your budget. We are upfront about our prices, and there are no hidden costs involved.


Trusted Professionals – At MdErp, we pride ourselves in being trusted, experienced professionals. We have helped many businesses in Nigeria find success and streamlined solutions through our ERP software.


What Are The Benefits Of An Integrated ERP Solution?

When you use an ERP solution platform, you have access to not only a more advanced level of doing business, but you gain the advantages that come with it too. Here are the benefits of an ERP software solution that is properly implemented and used in your business: 

  • Offers support and integration during periods of growth in your business
  • Stimulates business growth through efficiency and repeatable success
  • Improves organizational management and communication
  • Supplements mergers or acquisitions with streamlined uniformity
  • Improves process functionality that might no longer serve your business to update and upgrade your business
  • Gives visibility to forward-thinking business technology roadmaps
  • Enhanced business reporting and intelligence
  • Higher-level access to customer service and information
  • Improved costing and inventory management
  • Boosts your company’s cash flow through financial management tools
  • Enhances security through cloud-based systems
  • Increased effectivity in terms of supply chain management 

Are you ready to invest in an ERP Software in Nigeria that streamlines your business processes and improves its efficiency? Schedule an Online Demo to See the Best ERP in Nigeria in action today.