The Evolution Of ERP Software In Nigeria

An ERP system is by its nature aimed at creating focus, systematic functionality, and value for your business. At its core, it is a tool that allows you to focus on the growth and efficiency of your business, no matter what your day-to-day functions may be. This is why MdERP is so excited about the level of development of our ERP software in Nigeria. This has created a massive surge of efficiency and productivity for individual businesses. The economic worth of business success as a whole is essential to economic growth and strength.


How ERP Systems Have Evolved In The African Market


Despite the fact that the adoption of new technology and the potential of disruption through complex implementation may pose a risk to the business, we have found success. Many companies have taken the leap of faith that weighs risk consideration against the multiple benefits. In African countries specifically, we have seen the progression from hesitant adoption to flourishing support. The context is specifically positioned in a cultural space that is informed by:


  • traditionally low economic capacities
  • limited human resources or skilled personnel
  • limited infrastructure
  • a lack of in-depth assessment of the trials and successes of ERP in Africa.

We look forward to the growth within this sector that can be achieved through education, assisted integration, and the ever-present support we offer our clients. Our implementation directly addresses the current market requirements by offering the following process:


  1. A dedicated implementation team
  2. Specific outlines for project meetings
  3. Timelines that include training, set up, and implementation
  4. Gap analysis and customization
  5. No training number limit
  6. Customized training and desk manuals
  7. Access to either on-site or remote training
  8. Two months of dedicated support post live date


We take great pride in ensuring the happiness of our clients and the success of our ERP systems.


Choose MdERP Today And Enjoy The Future Of Business 


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