How ERP Companies In Nigeria Support Supply Chain Operations

Supply chain operations are a delicate balance of timing and resource management. Your supply chain is an ecosystem that includes manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, and end clients. Everything from storage to transportation falls under your watch, and the task can easily turn chaotic if it is not well organized and well supported.


At MdERP, we pride ourselves on being one of the best ERP companies in Nigeria. To this end, we take both the client’s needs and technological development very seriously. We know that the right ERP solution will provide the support you need for operational success in supply chain management. You can achieve both peaces of mind and enhanced productivity by using custom-designed and purpose-built systems for your needs.


Supply Chain Management And The Role Of ERP


When it comes to ERP implementation, several core functionalities are offered in terms of supply chain management. Here are some of the functions considered ideal for ERP and automation:

  • Planning and potential demand anticipation

Creating automated models and anticipating the demand when orders are received allows a higher efficiency and supply management level. Job scheduling and resource consumption are both informed through precise planning.

  • Production and timing

ERP resolves potential bottlenecks before they exist, from the creation of a bill of material to the real-time updates for machine and labor resources. No component is undervalued or short-changed, and manual errors in documentation become non-existent, leading to fewer delays. The right ERP will easily accommodate last-minute alterations and modifications to ensure that production is still completed on time.

  • Procurement and supply liaisons

Communication is key! ERP allows for more productive and effective communication between procurement and supply. From transportation to warehouse resources and even vendor notifications, your ERP can house all the necessary liaisons in a timely fashion.

  • Shipping and delivery logistics

Customer relations are heavily supported through efficient invoicing, shipping information, and updates, and accountability towards logistics and timing. You can even automate packaging decisions and incorporate various quality checks within your process!


Achieve Superior Supply Chain Management With MdERP


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