Five Strategies To Ensure ERP Software Implementation Success

Any new business strategy can seem daunting without the accurate information and tools at your disposal. In terms of adopting a new ERP software system, this feeling heightens due to the real-world results of implementation failures. At MdsERP, we have completed several successful ERP solution integrations, and we want to help you get prepared to make your ERP system implementation successful as well. Here are the lessons learned and strategies gained we would like to share with you.


Strategy Number One: Expect And Plan For Extended Timelines


The nature of ERP implementation is that it is an evolving process that addresses problems as they arise. Even the well-built platform can encounter unforeseen challenges, and while all efforts are made against delays, failure to plan for potential delays is ill-advised.


Strategy Number Two: Set Realistic Budget Expectations


Your ERP software system can be an incredibly powerful tool that saves you both time and money. That means it is worthwhile investing in a system that hones your business. Make sure you have planned for contingencies, and you also have the financial backing to complete the full implementation of your system and organizational shift.


Strategy Number Three: Adopt A Solution Orientated Mindset


Going in, it is wise to accept that there will likely be a need to adjust to disruptions and problem solve along the way. Set aside enough time for your business to test and roll out the new system, with support from the existing system during your change over.


Strategy Number Four: Brainstorm Business Process Engineering


Your ERP software specialists will be able to take on the bulk of creating a solution that fits your business just right. That does not mean that you should ignore relooking at your existing protocols to make them more efficient. Use this as an opportunity to evaluate your processes in general as well.


Strategy Number Five: Know What You Need Before You Start


Asking what it is that you would want in an ideal scenario might help you identify not only what it is that you need from your ERP software but from supplementary and supporting suppliers (such as third-party payment collections) as well. Discuss what your ERP system can and cannot do well in advance to allow for proper planning and integrated solution creation.


Put Your Knowledge Into Action


It’s time to make the change. MdsERP will guide you through your ERP software implementation and provide you with exceptional solutions to suit your needs. Talk to our team about your Enterprise Resource Planning solution through our online contact platform, or book an online demo to see things in action for yourself. We look forward to helping you make the change!